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Total Solar Eclipse hitting the U.S. dead on, August 21st. Where will you be??

August 18, 2017


Well, I hope you will be somewhere in the path of totality to truly experience nature at its finest...

The first Total Solar Eclipse hitting the United States dead on in a century. See links below so you can plan on where to be to get the Best view...with proper eclipse glasses on ofcourse (Careful, lots of fake ones being sold, see your local planetarium for guidance. Local libraries across the country are giving away proper & certified glasses as well).




Where will I be in attendance for this great event you may ask?? Well, I will be in Wyoming, in a spot that has been scouted diligently over the last 2 years in preparation. That's all I can share as I have made a pact with my team on secrecy ;)

One thing I know for sure....Utahans (especially a lot of us Park Citians), will be treking North to some awe-inspiring Mountain ranges for the path of totality!

Won't you join?

Follow @mshanemitchell on Instagram for pictures and a full story to prelude and follow the event. 

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