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Relaxation in Park City

February 13, 2020

According to a survey by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, the thing Americans most want to do on vacation is… nothing. The study found that several people like to relax on their vacations and enjoy the change of scenery! If this is you, find out what Park City has to offer for your next mountain getaway.


Massage can be beneficial for men and women. It is a great way to relax your body from a day on the slopes, traveling, or everyday stresses. There are several places in Park City where you can find these talented masseuses. Popular ones include Now and Zen Massage, Oasis Massage, and Knead a Massage. Find the style that is best for you such as a sports massage (for sport related pain and injury), deep tissue (for those extremely tense muscles) or a couples massage (for you and your significant other!). 


Mountains and Yoga go together like snow and skiing. This winter, find a variety of classes at Eighteen Wellness. Yoga focuses on the connection of mind and body through movement and is accepting of all abilities and styles. Each Yoga class will also include some quiet meditation. At Haum Meditation  they make the mediation part of yoga the primary focus helping you to find balance through deep breathing and stillness. And finally, at Park City Yoga Adventures, you can find classes combining yoga with outdoor adventures such as snowshoeing! Check out more at their websites. 

Natural Hot Spring

Hot Springs are one of the most unique experiences to have in the mountains; cleansing for the mind and body. Just 35 minutes outside of Park City in the neighboring town of Midway, you can find one of these geothermal pools in a crater beneath the surface! At Homestead Crater, you can swim and soak in the 96 degree hot spring beneath the earth all while absorbing the beneficial natural minerals of the water. 

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