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Early Season Snowfall in Park City

November 7, 2022

Well, our patience is finally paying off! The start of ski season is almost here. Snowmaking has been running full throttle in preparation for opening day. The resorts are ready to receive skiers! Mother Nature has chipped in to make the slopes even sweeter. The end of October brought fantastic snowfall to Park City- and the first week of November has added to the total! 


At the end of October, Utah saw massive amounts of snow in the mountains. Snow was on the ground across all of the state's ski resorts. Park City got a nice little boost! 

Throughout the first week of November, the snow continued to build. More than a foot of snow fell during the week. This weekend, yet another storm passed through, adding more than 8 inches to the slopes. Snowfall exceeded predictions, leaving the town coated in a blanket of thick, white powder. 

But that's not all! In the next few days, an additional 24 inches is expected to fall. The start of ski season is looking fantastic! Read more about snow in Park City at https://opensnow.com/location/parkcity 


Ski season has been slow to start this year because of abnormally dry, warm weather. Many resorts that typically open in the middle of the month were forced to postpone opening. Park City is currently set to open November 18th, 2022. 

Are you excited for the start of ski season? We sure are! Start planning your trip today so you can make the most of the wonderful winter weather on Park City's stunning slopes! 

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