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Beautiful Hikes at Park City

May 31, 2019

As the snow continues to melt in the mountains at Park City, Utah, the beautiful spring scenery comes alive with amazing recreational opportunities.  Spring is a great time to get out on the lower elevation to do some hiking, as a lot of the trails will continue to dry quick.

Park City has a variety of trails that will cater to every level of hiker.  From the young toddlers and kids, to the expert, and even to the elderly looking for easier terrane.  Below are my favorite hiking areas to explore during the springtime in Park City:

Lost Prospector
I love the Lost Prospector trail, especially because it is usually one of the first trails to dry.  The trail sits on the ridge-line above town and provides beautiful views of the ski areas and town.  You can hike out-and-back, or make a loop if you combine with the Rail Trail, Gambel Oak and Masonic trail.  Access the trail in the parking lot along Aerie Drive.  Head west to hike it as an out-and-back (where the best views are found). 

Round Valley Trail System
This trail system is close to town as it is located northwest of Historic Main Street, near Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resort.  Another spring favorite, as the Round valley trail system usually dries out before trails in the higher mountains.  There are over 30 miles of trails that are spread over 700 acres.  This trail system is great for all levels as it offers a diverse amount of terrane for beginners to intermediates, or extra miles for the more endurance hikers.  Another popular feature of this trail system is to have your dog off leash, as it is not required to leash up dogs.

To find the trailhead, head to Quinns Trailhead located on Park City Parkway (this is near the intersection of highways 40 and 248).  You can also head to the North Round Valley Trailhead off of highway 40 on Summit Road, or the Round Valley Way trailhead that is in the Park Meadows neighborhood.  Quinn’s trailhead is the most preferred as it has bathrooms, playground and an outdoor work out area for adults.  Start at Rambler trail and many loops are available to access.

PC Hill
If you are looking for a great sunset hike, PC Hill is your hiking summit to experience incredible sunsets.  This trail is technically part of the Round Valley trail system, however PC Hill is a shorter hike with a quick elevation gain.  The views at the top are amazing and worth growling through the quick ascent.  If you want to hike longer, you can continue on from the top as the trail will go along the backside, which will access you to Round Valley trails.  Parking directly below the PC Hill, off of Kearns Boulevard/248.  This is across from Wyatt Earp Way.

Important information to note:  Always pack for changing mountain weather.  It can be sunny when you leave the house or condo, and then 10 minutes later a storm might be on the horizon ready to rumble in.  Check the weather in advance and bring layers.  Throw a raincoat, water bottle, snacks, and sunscreen in your hiking pack.  Get ready to experience some of the best trails in the west at Park City!

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